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Sunday, June 10, 2012


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Cheryl Porter

There was a time I felt that I might have failed at teaching my son these things when he was with me - like when he was a late teen and called me from his dad's house to ask how to make spaghetti. Really? In 16 years I didn't manage to teach him at least how to boil pasta and heat up a jar of sauce?

He and his girlfriend just moved in with us and we will be helping them get their bearings as their first baby is due in 8 days. It's only now, when he is 23 that I am starting to really see the seeds that I had sewn so long ago have actually sprouted and taken root. For example, it was s a welcome surprise to come home the other day and see that he washed dishes merely because he knew how much I would appreciate it. It gave him satisfaction knowing that his 10 minutes of effort would be really and truly appreciated. It is a great satisfaction to know that at least one of them is finally "getting it."

In hindsight, maybe all those years ago it wasn't his lack of cooking skills that urged him to call me. Perhaps he was unknowingly searching for that missing, and ever elusive, magic ingredient that turns an ordinary jar of sauce into "mom's spaghetti." I think as he moves forward into his own parenting role, he will eventually find his own elusive, magic spaghetti sauce ingredient.

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