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Monday, March 07, 2011


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Hi, I'm Clark, and I'm from Asshat, North Carolina. I saw your URL on a bathroom stall at Stuckey's in Knoxville. So, I bought a pecan log and here I am.

Angie Curtis

okay, comment left. It's just me, Ms. Curtis. You know who I am and where I'm from. I think you are all that and a bag of chips with some chocolate (none of which I eat anymore as all I seem to eat is cardboard like things and fruits/veggies). I am thankful to know you and have the P to call 'mine' at AES. I live by the mantra that you gave me, I am not rebelling against anyone or anything, EVER, but yet rebelling for me! Keep up all your hard work and keep being passionate!


(To be honest, though, I like your blog! You are a gifted writer. As far as how I know you or how I found out about the blog, well, you know)


Hi, StephQJ. I'm Faithkarma from California.
I recently began following you when twitter recommended you. I was attracted by your tagline, "One mom's quest to regain her muchness and light." You are also very skilled at website design, photography, and I happened to notice a certain synchronicity between some of your content and my own. You are also very pretty and yes, I like the purple hair.
I didn't like the blog post about the Princess and Vain Edmund, and not because I am blindly loyal to Ed K., but because I found the meanspiritedness of the piece to be in direct contradiction to the expectation of "muchness and light," I was led to believe I might find here. I felt diminished myself after having read it. That being said, I'll keep reading and I might just end up becoming your biggest fan but it certainly won't be because of that post.

Best of Luck and Sincere Well Wishes,


Thanks for the comments!

@Clark, I know how you found out about my blog, and I really appreciate your support. (And your updates on Little C!) Enjoy that pecan log!

@Ms. Curtis, you are one of my greatest supporters and have been from the beginning. I am always, always appreciative of everything you do in my life, every day.

@Faithkarma, THIS is exactly what I wanted. I really appreciate the comment, and it has inspired a new blog post that I'll be working on today. Seriously. Thank you, in the best way possible. You'll see. :)

Cheryl, Castro Valley, CA

Hi Steph, Cheryl here from Castro Valley and SF, CA (depending on if I'm at home or work).

Why do I read your blog? "Is it my boisterous personality and verbosity? Is it my self-deprecating sarcasm? Is it my purple hair?" All of the above! LOL! I also love that you are willing to put yourself out there and even blog when you are having insecurities about things. I tend to not broadcast my insecurities and I find it inspiring when others have the courage to do so. Also, I think the occasional F-Bomb adds a nice badassness to any blog.

Even the nicest of people who wish to promote muchness and light need to vent once in a while. It reminds us that we are all human and have feelings that can be hurt and that it's OK to be hurt and to say that you are hurt and angry by someone else's behavior.

It's OK to be affected by a sarcastic or angry post as well. It reminds us that even though they are a part of us, anger and sarcasm aren't always our finest moments. But that's OK. We cannot be light and good without something to contrast that with. Light and dark are two sides of the coin that makes us human and we need to embrace both sides if we are to truly regain our muchness.

Keep it up!


You rock, Cheryl! I always know it's you when I see the Castro Valley link on the analytics. I'm definitely a trash-talking, vodka-drinking, "just tell me I'm not muchy enough!" kind of princess, and I'm glad somebody else gets it!

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