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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


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john Roddam

My name is John Roddam and I live in Birmingham Alabama. I set up

video cameras on the inside and outside of my house. I caught my

next door neighbors moving in demons for the Federal Government

(The Military). They came in my house and cut my wires to the camera

and removed the footage. My neighbors were from Venazula. The

demons were from Peru and have to do with the Mayan Calender. My

roomate, now ex-roomate said rats ate thru the cameras cords, YEA!

Rats with straight teeth!!! The President (P.O.T.U.S.)) came thru my

TV (voice) and said I live over a grave yard. YEA! RIGHT!!! I know

better!!! I went to Atlanta in June 2016 and turned my car around and

drove to St. Clair Co. Alabama. I turned my car around and was

headed back in the direction of Atlanta going around 60 M.PH.. I said

out loud, God reveal yourself! and BOOM! I am instantly back on the

road driving in Atlanta. I later had to look it up in the dictionary. It is a

supernatural word called teleportation. They got on the radio and said

identify youself as with the light or darkness. I said, I am with the

light. They said you cant do that again. Meaning car jumping from

state to state, or county to county. Since they said I cant do it again, it

happened again. BOOM! From somewhere on hwy. 20 to hwy. 65

heading to Tuscaloosa. I swear on a stack of Bibles from here to

China. I am not the only one this has happened to. I met a guy at the

motorcycle shop who went from his house to instantly in his Church.

There are videos on the internet showing this. Some fake, some real.

My family knew over 30 years ago that our beach house had a curse

on it. While married 15 years ago I looked thru a telescope to see

military men behind my house up on hill using a six foot round

parabolic microphone staring and listening to me from about a half

mile away. I also saw the same thing at my parents lake house on

Lake Martin. I didnt think anything about it either time. See I met up

with the CIA at UAB hospital by CHANCE and they identified

themself and gave me their address and phone number around 1996

and told me I woule see their white truck in thier driveway. That was

over 15 years ago. A year ago I pulled up their address on Google

Maps and sure enough there was their white truck in their driveway.

As I go to pull the picture over onto my computer desktop the man

from central command comes thru my TV saying loudly, Dont post

that! Thats a selfie!!! See I Prayed for this wisdom. When it came to

me it looked like a swarm of honey bees coming at me and going into

my chest. Exactly like what happened in the movie The Green Mile,

and I think Erasure. I cant tell you everything, to protect you and to

protect me. They have tried to kill me over 65 times. I have even tried

to kill myself 4 times. The last time I did I used a razor blade to slash

thru three veins on my left arm. I bleed for a minute then normal

things, just stopped bleeding. I went to UAB hospital and they had

never seen someone with 3 completely sevored veins and heart still

beating and blood not coming out my arm. Thats is why they changed

their key phrase to, knowledge that will change your world. I was in a

car wreck Aug. 23, 1988. Ten seconds before the car wreck happened

it came to me that we were about to wreck. I had to look it up. It is

called ESP, or PSI, or precognition or prophesy. I looked for my seat

belt twice with not one to be found. I yelled out loud, God please let

me live! God please let me live! I grabbed the back of the seat and

boom! We hit the telephone pole head on in front of VHHS in Vestavia

going around 50 MPH. It killed my two friends in the front seat almost

instantly. I broke my left ulnar and right radius and got 60 stitches in

my head. In June of this year (2016) I went to Publix supermarket on

Greenspring to shop. On aisle 7 a man recognized me and flagged me

past his daughter. Then, BOOM! Lightning hit the building knocking

the power out in the store. Genoraters came on. I got in the checkout

line and the NSA dude with a UFO (demon) on his shirt was extremely

shaking. Trembling. The song, This is what you came for, by

Rhianna came out right after this. They call me a girl, a dog, a parrot,

a transsexual. They are cats. They call me a world power and I dont

even have a machine gun. The NSA was driving white Chryslar

Pacificas, so I bought a black Honda Accord. If they are going to drive

white cars, then I wanted a black car. We fight with Eph. 6. I filmed a

UFO (demon) on Thanksgiving night 2012 in Seagrove Beach Florida.

They removed it from my video camera and computer, but I uploaded

to youtube.com under birdmanrandy (one word no spaces), and still

exists today. Check it out!!! I am asking from money to write my book,

help pay bills, as the govt bought the company

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